George Pataki at the Lebanon Diner

Rick on February 03, 2015
Gov. George Pataki chatted with 3 Quaker activists about money in politics. Gov. Pataki called for closing the "revolving door," limiting outside campaign spending, and closing loopholes that allow the wealthiest Americans to pay low tax rates.
Three Quaker activists met Governor George Pataki at the Lebanon Diner on Tuesday Feb 3, 2015 and had a conversation about Citizens United and money in politics.    Comments in quotation marks may not be exact but are close to what Gov. Pataki actually said.
(1) Close the revolving door. "If a politician serves as little as one day in Congress, he should be banned for life from lobbying."  
(2) Outside spending. "Outside spending should be not be allowed. All campaign funds should go to candidates' campaigns. Candidates should be wholly responsible for the content of their ads."
(3) Constitutional amendment. Pataki didn't see much likelihood of success for a constitutional amendment. When I pointed out that his idea of outlawing outside spending and the Citizens United decision are totally at odds, then asked if he would support efforts for an amendment, he said, "I don't know." I'm inclined to believe him.
(4) Tax exemptions for wealthy interests. "Every year we give away more in tax exemptions than we take in through federal taxes." "The wealthiest Americans should not be paying Mitt Romney's 14%---it should be more like 24%."
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