George Pataki Discusses Banning Congress Members and Staff from Lobbying

Charlie on June 02, 2015
At a Concord NH retirement community, Governor George Pataki discussed banning members of Congress from becoming lobbyists and whether such a ban could be extended to Congressional staff.

The Pataki ‘crowd’ today was rather small. The Havenwood Auditorium is Fire Department rated for 99. Including his entourage I’d guess there were about 25 to 30 folks, probably a third from Havenwood/Heritage Heights (HHH). The show came with a box lunch (sandwich, apple, cookie, water).  They clearly planned for a larger crowd judging from the over supply of box lunches. My impression was that they [the County Republican Party] must have asked for the space and HHH must have said OK - I didn’t see anyone from HHH that seemed to be ‘hosting’ or ‘facilitating’. 

Pataki’s speech emphasized his claimed accomplishments as Governor of New York - and other brief bits - seemingly his formula stump speech --- including his idea of blocking Members of Congress from becoming lobbyists after leaving Congress.

Yes - I did ask the question - basically… (not exact) “Having lived for a quite while in DC, I thought your idea of limiting or blocking members of Congress from moving into well paying lobbying was a good idea ---- but wonder about all the others who are affected when a Congressman leaves or even when there are changes in the administration with large number of changes.  --- should the Administrative Assistants and other staff be limited or on a broader basis folks in Schedule C positions (considered subject to Presidential appointment - usually key positions in DC and Regional Offices)?

Pataki liked the idea but wasn’t sure if a legal restriction on ‘employees’ reaching that broadly would be ‘legal,’ while he thought restricting an elected person could be an done.

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