Fiorina Says Cronyism at Pentagon

Elizabeth on April 30, 2015
Elizabeth attended Carly Fiorina's talk on national security sponsored by Americans for Peace Prosperity and Security. In response to Elizabeth's question, Fiorina agreed there is cronyism between the Pentagon and weapons contractors.

Elizabeth: Carly, it’s really troubling that Pentagon contractors lobby to get multi-million dollar contracts, and then use that taxpayer dollar to lobby for more contracts.

Carly Fiorina: I agree, it’s troubling. It’s called crony capitalism.

Elizabeth: What will you do to make sure that peace and diplomacy are a bigger priority than weapons manufacturing?

Fiorina: Peace and diplomacy, of course, are an important priority, but they don’t always work. You’re absolutely right. There’s a lot of crony capitalism in the Department of Defense, which is why I said we have to have reform. We have to have transparency. You’re absolutely right.

Elizabeth: Right now the Pentagon gets twelve times the funding as the State Department. Would you want to make sure the State Department gets equal footing?

Fiorina: It depends if the State Department is effective. There’s a lot about the State Department that isn’t effective. There’s a lot about the Defense Department that is not effective.

Elizabeth: Thank you for taking my question.

Fiorina: You’re welcome. Thank you.

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