Fiorina okay with Cabinet of people who made careers out of revolving door

Hector Salamanca Arroyo on January 28, 2016
When asked whether or not she would have a cabinet free of people who have made careers out of the revolving door, Carly Fiorina gave a short "No".

We arrived at Rube's Steakhouse about an hour before the event started, allowing us to sit down and converse with those around us, waiting for Fiorina to appear. 

When Fiorina did arrive, she spoke for about an hour before taking questions, and Katherine's question was one of the last ones. 

Katherine stumbled on her question a little bit but she asked:

"Can we expect a Fiorina cabinet to be free of people who have made careers of the revolving door between government service and service to corporate interests?"

Fiorina gave a short "No", and there was a visible scoffing from the crowd. 

She proceeded to explain what individuals she would want in her cabinet, but her response was a disappointment. 



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