Fiorina Meets Pack of Bird Dogs in Manchester

Eric Zulaski on June 18, 2015
A group of bird dogs raised multiple questions with presidential candidate, Carly Fiorina, about what she would do to create a government that represents the people's interest instead of the interests of corporations like Pentagon contractors and the prison-industrial complex. Fiorina admitted "there are loads of places where we have undue influence in the political process through lobbying," but didn't offer much in the way of solutions

Former CEO of HP, Carly Fiorina, scheduled a visit to shops and restaurants in downtown Manchester. She was to be escorted by Manchester Mayor, Ted Gatsas during the lunch hour.

Before Fiorina arrived, a mixed group of people gathered and waited outside City Hall--photographers, journalists, and our group of Governing Under the Influence activists. Meanwhile a nearby busker sang songs for justice. We spoke with veterans seated at some benches.

Eventually Fiorina strode down the steps of City Hall with Mayor Gatsas.

Right out the door, Will caught up and walked alongside her and grabbed a chance to ask a question about the revolving door between government and the military-industrial complex. Fiorina told him that she didn't want to talk and that she would take his question at a town hall meeting. I guess Will's enthusiasm was a little overwhelming.

Fiorina and her entourage strolled past Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream and walked into Finesse Pastry shop. Amy followed them in and asked a question.

Amy said, “Thank you for coming to Manchester, Ms. Fiorina. I also worked for HP in the late 80’s. You’d said previously you’re for a more level playing field. As a former Corporate CEO, what would you do as president to level the playing field and take some of the power from large corporations to empower the working class?”

Fiorina responded, “Well that’s not really how I’d level the playing field. I’d use the power of large corporations to help small businesses and reduce the size of government. Come to one of my events to learn more."

After Carly came out, Beth jumped in and asked Fiorina if corporate control of our government amounts to corruption. In her response, Fiorina said that crony capitalism exists as a symptom of big government and that large corporations are the only ones able to deal with government bureaucracy.


Fiorina's entourage crossed the street and entered a coffee shop. That's when I took my turn to ask a question.

I told her that Congress guarantees profits to for-profit immigrant detention facilities through a quota system, and that policies like this don't reflect the interests of people. So I asked how we can limit the influence of these corporations in the political process when they spend so much on lobbying and funding election campaigns.

Fiorina responded, "If what you say is true, it certainly doesn't" reflect the interests of people. When it comes to immigration, Fiorina says the first thing we need to do is secure the border. Then she said, "there are loads of places where we have undue influence in the political process through lobbying."

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