Fiorina on crony capitalism in New Boston

John on June 09, 2015
Carly Fiorina opposes any change to the Constitution and says reducing the size of government will end "crony capitalism."

Largely due to the size of the venue and the vigor of the GOP organization in and around New Boston, Ms. Fiorina attracted the largest crowd of any GOP candidate gathering I've attended so far. Her reputation for decisiveness and her gender also helped, along with the presence of a large number of area GOP politicians and organizers. In fact, the GOP organizational heft in the room was more overt than anywhere else I've been. That said, the media presence was not as large as that which attended Gov. Christie's visit to Sunapee last month.

Ms. Fiorina is polite, articulate, businesslike, and on top of her script, and did not hesitate to let everyone know about the world leaders with whom she has conferred on a face to face basis, and the government agencies that have relied on her advice.  She can be quite as sharp with anything she considers foolish, and made it clear that she is no one to shrink from a fight. In those respects, she is strikingly reminiscent of Margaret Thatcher, both in her manner and her policy positions.

When I asked her while I shook her hand about campaign finance reform, what she would do as president to promote it, and whether she would support a constitutional amendment to secure campaign finance reform, she met the question head on. She stated plainly and bluntly that she was against constitutional amendments as a matter of principle, and that she likes the Constitution as it presently stands. She blamed the corrupting influence of big money in election campaigns on what she termed the ever-increasing size and complexity of government, stating that as president, she would shrink the size of government and cut government spending. That, she suggested, would solve the campaign finance problem and cut down what she termed "crony capitalism." 

So now we know where she stands on campaign finance reform and the issues surrounding it.

New Boston, NH
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