Fiorina asked about Leveling the Playing Field

Amy on June 10, 2015
I asked Carly Fiorina what she would do to level the playing field so the voice of working class people could be heard over the voice of powerful corporations.

On Wednesday, June 10, Carly Fiorina came to Manchester for a "Walk and Talk" event with City Mayor, Ted Gatsas. 

As she walked into Finesse Pastries, I said “Thank you for coming to Manchester, Ms. Fiorina. I also worked for HP in the late 80’s” to which she looked down and merely said “Oh.”

I said, “You’d said previously you’re for a more level playing field. As a former Corporate CEO, what would you do as president to level the playing field and take some of the power from large corporations to empower the working class?”

She said, “well that’s not really how I’d level the playing field. I’d use the power of large corporations to help small businesses and lower the size of government. Come to one of my events to learn more.”

Later on, someone asked Fiorina about crony capitalism and she said “corporate cronyism exists. We need powerful corporations to rein in a too large, powerful government. The government is too powerful and complex contracts can only be understood by large corporations.”

Large corporations wrote most of government contracts!

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