Do Firms Have the Right to Participate in the Political Process? Marco Rubio says Yes.

Gale on June 26, 2015
On June 26th Marco Rubio appeared on WMUR's Conversation with the candidates to answer some questions for the people of New Hampshire. Gale attended the event and asked Marco Rubio what he thought of Citizens United, and if he wanted to change it, what he would do.

Gale attended Senator Marco Rubio's appearance on WMUR's "Conversation with the Candidates the event and asked him what he thought of Citizens United, the Supreme Court decision which affirmed the concept of "corporate personhood" and opened the door for creation of Super PACs with the ability to raise and spend unlimited funds.  She asked if he wanted to change it, what he would do.

Rubio responded, "I believe that as long as it's being disclosed the people have a right to participate in the political process and that includes firms that have interest and that includes individuals that have interest." Rubio went on to share that he informs all of his supporters and donors that they are buying into his agenda, not the other way around. 

Marco Rubio stated that it's the supporters First Amendment right, and that he supports that on either side of the argument. Rubio shared, "there is a gentleman out there that does not support my position on climate change and so he intends to spend millions of dollars in Florida and across the country to attack me, and he has every right to do that.  He has a First Amendment right to speak politically and for him political speech is through the form of political contributions."  Rubio said he believes that Citizens United is a way for supporters to express their first amendment right, and therefore he does not believe in overturning it.


Watch the full question and response here.

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