Cruz Thinks Nuke Abolition Requires Magic

Judy on February 03, 2016
Asked if he would follow Ronald Reagan's example and negotiate nuclear arms reductions, Ted Cruz called Vladimir Putin "a KGB thug" said we could only negotiate with Russia from a position of strength. He again said elimination of nuclear weapons would require magic, but said we might be able to work with Russia to reduce the nuclear threat from Iran (a country that has no nuclear weapons).

Senator Ted Cruz finished up his stump speech by invoking the "Reagan Revolution," and said "We need to stand and fight for liberty, stand and fight for the constitution, stand and fight for the Judeo-Christian values that built this great nation."

With that, he joked, "I'm happy to answer -- or dodge -- any question you might have."

Judy was the first one called on.  "I understand that you are a big supporter of President Reagan," she began.  "I want to ask if like him you would work to keep us secure by sitting down with the Russians to negotiatie mutual reductions of nuclear weapons."

Cruz responded that he is “willing to sit down and negotatie with practically anybody.”

“The way to sit down with the Russians is to do it from a position of strength," he said, adding “Putin is essentially a KGB thug and the only thing he respects is strength," whereupon he launched into comments about Russian dependence on natural gas exports.

Returning to his theme, he said “what Reagan demonstrated is you can negotiate with the Russians from strength.” 

Then he said, “Like Reagan I would love to see a world where there were no nuclear weapons.  If I could wave a magic wand and have every  nuclear weapons go away – these are horrific tools  of mass destruction -- everyone of us would wave that wand and make them go away, but we can’t.” 

Cruz finished up by saying that it's Iran's nuclear weapons, not Russia's that pose the single biggest security threat.  “I would be happy to negotiate and work with the Russians as strategic competitotrs…. where our interests align."

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