Cruz says we need a magic wand to get rid of nukes

Will and Scott on January 12, 2016
Ted Cruz responded to a question about the trillion dollar nuclear arms buildup by endorsing an upgrade to all three "legs" of the nuclear triad. He also called for developing a missile defense system. But he thinks abolition of nuclear weapons can only be achieved in a fantasy world.

Will and Scott went to Ted Cruz's town hall meeting, which Scott said "was an experience." 

"I felt like Odysseus and his men must have felt when they were trapped in the cave with the cyclops by being surrounded by all those Cruz supporters," he commented afterward.  "It was a really big crowd.  The Londonderry HS cafeteria was not big enough, so there was a second location in the school where the people they couldn't fit into the cafeteria could view what was going on."

Scott had hoped to ask a question about money and politics, but did not get a chance.  Will, on the other hand, was the second person called on.  He asked about the influence of corporations that stand to profit from the trillion dollar nuclear weapons build-up plan.  It is the nuclear weapons builders who are "derailing nuclear nonproliferation efforts," Will said.    

"I wish we lived on a planet where nuclear weapons didn't exist," the Texas Senator responded.  "Like Ronald Reagan, if I could wave a magic wand and make every nuclear weapon disappear, I would happily wave that wand."

In truth, Reagan did not reduce nuclear weapons with a magic wand, he did it (after a provocative nuclear expansion) by sitting down at the negotiating table with Mikhail Gorbachev.

Cruz went on to describe Reagan's military build-up as a response to military force reductions under his predecessor, Jimmy Carter (whose administration followed close on the heels of the end of military conflict in southeast Asia).  We need to follow Reagan's example, he continued, with regard to the nuclear triad.

All three "legs" of the triad -- land-based missiles, bombers, and submarine-launched missiles carrying thermonuclear warheads -- need to be upgraded, Cruz said.  Yes, we have signed treaties, he said, but "bad actors" like N. Korea and Iran don't abide by them.  "I will do everything necessary to rebuild the military, and part of it, a critical part of it ... is missile defense."

"We will prioritize missile defense so we will keep America and the homeland safe," he said. 

Scott observed after the event, "Since he is drawing big crowds I would reccommend targeting one of his town halls and having several people there ready to ask the question.  He needs to be asked.  He did talk about lobbyists and money in politics, but he put it squarly on Hillary and the Clinton Foundation.  He did talk about Article 5 amendments, but his amendments would be a balanced budget and term limits." 

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