Cruz Against Pentagon Waste

Olivia Zink on February 02, 2016
Ted Cruz likes to emphasize his opposition to the "Washington Cartel." Olivia asked him if that includes the military-industrial-complex, to which Cruz responded by opposing "wasteful projects."

Olivia approached Ted Cruz after his speech and asked, "Senator, how are you going to take on the Washington cartel?  The military-industrial-complex has two lobbyists ..."

"No press questions," an aide interrupted.

"I'm not with the press," Olivia said.  "I just a voter who's concerned about the lobbyists that have really taken over DC."

"Look there's no doubt that the lobbyists have enormous power and influence in Washington. And if you want someone who will stand up to them, the best test is to ask who has taken them on already," Cruz responded.  "I'm the only one in this race who has a track record of standing up to the lobbyists, not only the Democrats, but ot the leaders in my own party."  

"And the lobbyist for the military-industrial-complex, too?," Olivia pushed on.

"Look," said Cruz, "there is waste across the budget, including the miiltary budget  We need to rebuild the military, but part of rebulding the military is directing resources away from wasteful projects and instead  toward expenditures that increase our readiness and our ability to defend ourselves."

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