"Corporations are NOT people," says O'Malley

Gale on July 08, 2015
In response to a question about corporate cronyism, Martin O'Malley called for publicly financed elections and the over-turn of Citizens United. He also linked the concentration of wealth to policies which are harmful to the national interest.

On July 10th, Martin O'Malley appeared on WMUR's Conversations with the Candidates. Gale took the opportunity to address the concern of corporate cronyism.

Gale asked O'Malley "Giant corporations seem to have unlimited funds to buy insider access to Congress.  What steps will you take to prevent corporate cronyism from corrupting our government and economy?"

O'Malley responded "I would like to see us move towards publicly financed elections for members of Congress." O'Malley expressed his sympathies towards Congress, stating that "it's so sad what we do to our Congress."  O'Malley went into detail, saying that "the second they're elected, they're told they have to be telemarketer and be on the phone for 20 hours a week, calling people for money for the next campaign that's on the horizon." 

O'Malley went on to say, "the concentrated wealth in our country has led to the accumulation of concentrated political power, and when that happens, our national interest gets kicked to the curb."  O'Malley wrapped up his answer by stating "I want to see Citizens United over-turned.  Corporations are not people, and we will keep a candle lit for the Supreme Court to revisit that horrible decision."

Watch Gale's question here, starting at minute 12:40. 

O'Malley also spoke out against mass deportation of immigrants and privatization of social security in response to other questions.  

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