Christie wants to close the revolving door

Olivia Zink on August 20, 2015
Olivia approached Gov. Christie at WMUR after the taping of his "Conversation with the Candidate" and asked him about closing the "revolving door." Christie said "you have to," in order to keep former government officials from exploiting their undue advantage for personal gain. But he also said you don't want to bar people with expertise from government service or prevent them from becoming lobbyists forever. He proposes a 4-year gap.

Olivia - Would you close the revolving door?

Christie- You have to. Now listen, there is always going to be some measure of it, right, because if you are President, you want people with certain expertise. In our country those people also want to go back to the private sector to make some money because we don't pay people very well at the government for the level of expertise they bring.

I think the way to do it is greater time gap between. I don't think yon should say if you have ever been in government and then got out andbeen a lobbyist or in the private sector you can't come back. I think a longer period of time then cuts off what you're really concerned about which is exploiting that connection for undue advantage.  So I've been inside government for a few years, I come out a year later, and already I am banging my old friends back there helping to get me money and jobs and work.

That part we can close up by a 4-year gap, and then if you're prevented for 4 years chances are most of the people they worked for are gone anyway, and their abilities to connect with them had dwindled. But I don't want to preclude these people from coming back because a lot of time they have expertise that's unique. you are going to want them to be involved in your government some way. I think making the gap longer gets ride of the undue influence and that's the root of your concern.

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