Christie: Profiteering From War and Taxpayers Not Appropriate

Kevin Rutledge on December 31, 2015
Gov. Chris Christie calls for appropriate oversight from the Pentagon when asked how he would assure defense contracting does not become war profiteering. Christie added he doesn't mind people making a profit, but only if it's appropriate profit, and "certainly not profit either on war or on the taxpayers."

Last night in Waukee, Governor Chris Christie’s town hall event was at max capacity in a bar.  About 40 of us were ushered into a nearby overflow room with no heat and a speaker to hear the governor’s speech.  I didn’t think I would have the chance to speak with Gov. Christie, but he made a surprise appearance a few minutes after I entered to shake hands and take pictures.

As Gov. Christie was leaving the overflow room to start his town hall meeting next door, I shook his hand and asked, “How will you assure that defense contracting does not become war profiteering?”

“You gotta have appropriate oversight from the Pentagon to make sure that happens,” said Christie.  “I don’t mind anybody making a profit, but only if it’s appropriate profit. Certainly not profit either on war or on the taxpayers.  So yeah, absolutely.  Appropriate oversight.”

Mickey's Pub
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Waukee, IA
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