Christie on Nuclear Spending: "One trillion dollars sounds a bit high"

Will Thomas on September 15, 2015
Governor Christie appears to support "modernization" of US nuclear weapons, but is skeptical about the trillion dollar price tag.

After Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey was greeted by former Republican gubernatorial candidate, Walt Haverstein, his wife and a few others, I managed to introduce myself and ask him about the modernization of our current nuclear arsenal.  First, I wanted to inform him of the cost of such "modernization," one trillion dollars!  Second, I mentioned that this is money we can't afford to spend as we need to spend more on education, healthcare, affordable housing, and the repair and replacement of our bridges and roads among other things. 

Governor Christie's response:  He said we need to be wary of Iran and nuclear weapons and we must maintain a strong nuclear deterrent!  Yet, he did say, "but one trillion dollars sounds a bit high."

So, what I take from this brief exchange is that Governor Christie does believe in "modernization" of US nuclear weapons.  I informed him that some "experts" say the cost would be far less if we only "refurbished" our current nuclear warheads and bombs instead of designing of whole new generation of them.  


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