Christie ignores Military Industrial Complex Question

Hector Salamanca Arroyo on January 16, 2016
When asked about the Military Industrial Complex by GUI volunteer Marlu Abarca, Christie replies "I'll talk about that".

We arrived early at the Machine Shed in Urbandale in order to get a good seat, and waited for Governor Christie to show up. While we enjoyed breakfast, we kept an eye out for him, because the Machine Shed is prime face to face encounters. 

When Governor Christie arrived, Marlu and Katherine rushed to ask him questions, with Marlu being successful. She asked Christie:

How will you keep the military-industrial-complex from blocking diplomacy and sensible military spending through its influence on Congress?

Christie looked at her, replied "I'll talk about that", and walked away. Marlu followed up with "why not now?" to which he ignored. 

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Urbandale, IA
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