Christie Favors Ohio-Class Replacement Program

Will Thomas on February 02, 2016
When Will suggested investment in cybersecurity, infrastructure, diplomacy, and even conventional forces would be better than spending a trillion dollars on a new generation of nuclear weapons, Chris Christie made vague references to diplomacy and non-proliferation, then said his nuclear weapons priority is the Ohio-class submarine replacement program.

Will began by telling Gov. Christie that he is a U.S.Navy veteran who served during the Cuban Missile Crisis and worried he would not reach his 20th birthday.  Then he described plans for a new generation of deadly, accurate, nuclear missiles with first strike capacity.  Construction of these missiles, as part of a trillion dollar nuclear expansion, would set off a new arms race.

Wouldn't it be better, Will asked, to spend the emoney on diplomacy, cybersecurity,  infrastructure, and even conventional forces?  We're not living up to the terms of the Nuclear Non Proliferaation Treaty, he added. 

"While Christie 'agreed' with me about rebuilding our conventional forces," Will reported, "he actually did mention diplomacy and the NPT in passing, though nothing really specific."

"Instead of supporting an immediate modernization of the nuke triad, he said the US should focus 
first on building a new Ohio class of nuclear submarines.  He did say that we should not only talk about this
'modernization,' we should act on it."

Will's suggestion that we rebuild our crumbling infrastructure  "led him on a path to talking about his tax policy and overseas corporations and how we ought to tax them less so they return to USA."

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