Christie Dodges Quesion on Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex

Sally on February 02, 2016
When Sally told Chris Christie we could repair our infrastructure with funds from cancelling the F-35 program if it weren't for the power of the military-industrial-congressional complex, the NJ governor said he would evaluate all federal programs. He also said he would fund infrastructure improvements by repatriating funds now held offshore.

I arrived at the Hopkinton Town Hall around 4:45 and found the meeting was already well under way. The place was packed, and many cameras on tripods were set up by the double doors at the entrance. When one of the reporters left, I squeezed forward to stand next to a pillar and was able to catch Christie's eye. (It helped that I had on a bright pink coat!)

I started by asking if he'd encountered a lot of potholes on his way into town (he said the roads in NH were "excellent") and then said that my concern was with military spending -- specifically the F-35 program, where the cost of one plane exceeded $108 million. He responded with the usual Republican line that military spending had actually gone down, that our forces were at their weakest point since WWII, that we had half as many battleships as Reagan had proposed 30+ years ago. (I swear there's a script!)

So I rephrased my point to say that the real danger was the military/industrial/ Congressional complex which allowed corporations to call the shots. "You know, if you cancelled that F-35 program, you could fill a LOT of potholes!"

Christie said that as president he would evaluate all government programs (he'd already told us how ruthlessly he cut programs in NJ), but then he added that his plan would be to lower corporate taxes (to 10%? -- I don't recall the number) so all the money now offshore would be repatriated, and he would use it ALL ($300 billion??) for infrastructure improvements. This would include highways, roads and bridges, communications (high-speed internet in the North Country), ending his list with "and hardening the grid to protect it from nuclear attack!" 

Hopkinton Town Hall Hopkinton, NH
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