Chris Christie on de-alerting nuclear weapons

Curtis on February 08, 2016
Chris Christie said he would be willing to negotiate with Russia on de-alerting nuclear weapons, provided the Russians were negotiating in good faith. He said nuclear proliferation--and he mentioned the Iran deal unfavorably--is a bigger problem.

I pointed out to Chris Christie that nuclear weapons in the US and Russia are on high alert, increasing the danger of nuclear war. I asked if he would be willing to negotiate with Russia to change this. He said yes, although currently Putin is not acting in good faith. But if the Russians negotiate in good faith, he said, he would be willing. He added that nuclear proliferation is a bigger problem, and he mentioned the Iran deal. But he is always ready for good faith negotiations, he told me.

“What I think as the two major nuclear powers of the world [Russia and U.S.], we have a number of different issues that we have to address and proliferation is the biggest one," said Christie. "I would be willing to participate with Russia in all those conversations, but they have to fair and even negotiations where no one gets an advantage except that the result will produce an advantage for the world.”

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