Carly Fiorina on Conversation with the Candidate

Olivia Zink on April 17, 2015
Olivia asked Carly Fiorina about "crony capitalism" at a WMUR "Conversation with the Candidate" program.

Olivia was invited to submit a question to Carly Fiorina at a WMUR's Conversation with the Candidate program.

Go to minute 11:32 on the video to watch.

Olivia: Thank you for speaking on crony capitalism. Giant corporations seem to have unlimited funds to buy insider access to Congress.  What steps will you take to prevent corporate cronyism from corrupting our government specifically no bid contracts in the military industrial complex?

Fiorina: Crony capitalism is a big problem, thank you for the question and first of all in terms of money for lobbying we need everyone to play by the same rules. So I don’t have any problems saying that big companies can’t lobby but that means that big unions can’t lobby and big environmental groups can’t lobby either and then NRA can’t lobby. You have to have everyone play by the same rules but you can’t have everyone play by some rules and have another set of rules for another set. That is called corruption. The only way is to level the playing field. Tilt it back from only the wealthy, the big, the powerful and the well connected. The only way to level the playing field is to simplify. It’s common sense.

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