Bush: "I do not think there should be a detention quota"

Olivia Zink on November 17, 2015
I attended the Jeb Bush Town Hall meeting in Franklin NH and was the first question selected. I asked about the immigrant detention quota. He said " I do not think there should be a detention quota."

I was the first person called on at Jeb Bush's town hall meeting at the Franklin VFW. 

"Thank you for coming to Franklin. My name is Olivia," I began.

"I am concerned about crony capitalism," I continued.  "We have a provision in our federal budget, the Homeland Security budget, that locks up 34,000 immigrants a day and it was lobbied for by Corrections Corporation of America. Most of the time these private prisons benefit from this policy. So if you are elected will you end the detention quota and make sure that our policies are made for the needs of our communities and not the companies who lobby?"

"I do not think there should be a detention quota," Governor Bush responded, then went on to tie the detention issue to the border.  "The way solve this is to stop having a forced [?] border, to enforce the laws, to make sure that the border security is pushed forward, so we can detain people who are crossing no matter what their motives are.  It’s called illegal immigration and it’s a self described term."

Olivia was not able to follow up further with Governor Bush.   

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