Bernie Sanders talks about Education over Incarceration

Elizabeth Ropp on May 28, 2015
I asked Bernie Sanders about the Detention Bed Mandate. He talks about how we need to spend more on education so we can spend less on incarceration.

I went to Bernie's event at a horse farm in Epping, NH on May 27th. It was the day after his campaign kick-off in Burlington, VT. Over two hundred people attended this event. It was lively and festive. I sat in the front row with a hand made sign that said "People Power over Corporate Power."

After Bernie gave his speech he opened the floor for questions. I got the second question. I asked about the detention bed mandate

Me: "My question is about the detention bed mandate. So you've got the Corrections Corporation of America and GEO group. They are guaranteed by Congress to fill 34,000 detention beds every night. They are making record profits off of our immigration policy. What are you going to do to address that?"

Bernie focused more on prisons and incarceration in general than on the detention bed mandate specifically. He said good things about how we need to be spending more on education than on incarceration.

Bernie: "I do not believe corporations should be making money off of people who are in jail....We have more people in jail than any other country on earth. China is an authoritarian country with a population 3 or 4 times our size and we have more. People incarcerated than we do...It costs more money to incarcerate people than it does to send them to Harvard, so let's send them to Harvard."

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