Ben Carson and Corporations driving federal policy

Hector Salamanca Arroyo on August 11, 2015
When I asked Dr. Carson about for-profit corporations driving immigrant detention policies, he said, "prisons should not necessarily be operated as profit centers."

Dr. Ben Carson was in Des Moines August 8 for his campaign’s Family Festival, which included live music, a puppet show, food, and a variety of other sources of entertainment one would find at a festival.

After being able to get to the front row, I waited for Dr. Carson. When he did appear, he talked about his background and did not take any questions after wrapping up. Instead, he would do an official Q &A after a music break.

I waited patiently, and after Dr. Carson returned to the stage, he saw me as someone who wanted to ask a question and called on me.

After being handed a microphone, I asked the following question:

“Many for profit prisons lobby congress for policies like the detention bed quota, which mandates every bed has to be filled, 34,000 beds, now what would you do to make sure corporations aren’t dictating our federal policy in this regard?”

Dr. Carson responded by stating, “Well there’s no question that prisons should not necessarily be operated as profit centers. It’s a directly growing area and we are putting people in prison who don’t need to be in prison, quite frankly.”

Dr. Carson further stated that the current prison system is way too large and there is a real problem, which needs to be investigated. 

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